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Data Center Assessments

We have 30 years of experience! 

TFA will inspect all elements of your asset base for both technology and financial needs and provide you with a complete analysis of your options from on premise, co-location, and/or public, private and hybrid cloud options.

Ask yourself these 7 questions:

  • Are you confident with your current state of infrastructure?

  • Do you know where you stand in the technology life cycle realm?

  • Do you have a multi-year infrastructure plan in place?

  • Do you have a full understanding of your risk exposure and costs?

  • Comfortable in your ability to meet demand?

  • Are you comfortable with your software utilization and compliance with your entitlements?

  • Do I build my own or let someone else do it? 

Did you answer “No” or “Not sure” to any of these questions? 

If so, let TFA help you get the full picture of your infrastructure asset base.

We will deliver a detailed infrastructure technology foot print that will include;

  • potential areas for cost savings

  • areas of risk

  • consolidation targets

  • operational efficiencies

We can assist you in developing a multi-year roadmap that will provide financial and capability insights over a three year period and educate you and your team on the various options.

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